Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I think we should make the entire month of February dedicated to "love" and the ones we love.  It doesn't have to be romantic love, although that tends to be where we put most of our "love" focus.  We love our friends, family, significant others, pets, etc.  Let's spend this month talking about all kinds of love related topics. 

An obvious first place to start - first lesbian loves.  My first MUTUAL lesbian love was when I was 25.  It felt good to be true to myself - even if it wasn't fully open or expressed.  It taught me a lot about myself; what I wanted from love and what I didn't. 

Tell us about your first lesbian love...I would have gone in more, but don't forget, I'm writing this with my current gf and old relationship talk can get kinda hairy.


  1. You are so rite, this entier month should be called the month of love. My first lesbian experience was when i was just 26. It was weird the way it to think of it was was a very strange situation that i had found myself in .But least not to say it made me open up to the truer side of me.I have dated men most of my life & i have never looked at a woman that way ever before.
    I was always with "the guy " i thought would be my soul mate forever.But then it happened one day & since then my life has not been the same. So i must say thank you to my first lesbian gf ,she was a strange creature with a very stubborn look on the outside but when u actually got to know her it was softer and more understanding in the inside.She made me understand the other side of me that was trying to come out and made me see who i really was and that i didn't want to hide it anymore.I have only dated 2 women in my life so far.The first was the strangest relationship ever. The second one whom i am currently with ,I know is my other half. Our lives together has brought us through so much obstacles .But 4 yrs later we are still strong and going forward.

  2. I consider myself hetero, but I used to "play house" with girls all the time when I was young up to my teens. I'd always be the mother (my ultra-fem self??), and yes, there was tongue involved...