Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Still Need Condoms!

DISCLAIMER: Jay hates that I'm writing this post so early in our blog's history. She's got some very valid opinions about how mainstream media think that being gay is only about sex and therefore we should limit our sexual topics. While agree with her for the most part, I also think that sex is a very important part of any healthy adult's life - and therefore, we should mix things up. Keep things serious when we need to, but take the opportunity to do a little educating whenever possible. And that's the point of today's post - sexual education for the lesbian!

On with the blog...

So now that you're a member of the Hoo-Hoo Sisterhood, you think you can go to the club tonight without any "protection" - WRONG! Get your condoms, your dental dams or your saran wrap, pack your purse and make it happen!

Ok, before I get too detailed let me assure you that this is not a sex site. We WILL talk about sexual issues as they relate to the lesbian community and it's way important that we keep it real. Hell, this information is out there - and we are all grown women, so you gotta swallow that American prudish nature and deal with the truth. Dildos, condoms and dental dams, oh, my! Alright, I couldn't help myself, I had to write that - but seriously...dildos, condoms and dental dams need to be in the lesbian woman's closet like toilet paper. They are that much of a necessity.

Disease and nastiness runs through our circles just like they do the hetero-world. When you go over to that chicks house to play, and she (or you) strap on, just remember to strap up too! She might tell you it just came out of the box, or that she washed it, but would you wear someone else's unwashed underwear? Well, that's basically what you're doing if you let her use a toy on you sans condom. And just so she can't run that okie-doke on you, "Baby, I told you it's new. I haven't been with anyone in so long. I don't buy condoms..." - you need to have a Magnum on hand. Whoops, did I say, Magnum? That's what we need on this side of town, you might do well with any of your favorite brand of condoms. And unlike being with one of those barbaric men who want to ram their unsheathed penises inside or you, she can't complain, "It doesn't feel the same." She should have no objections at all, actually. And if you're anything like me, the latex and silicone mix can be a little brutal on your vagina because some of those bad boys (dildos) shed. So now we're talking health benefits beyond STI's, we're also talking about just plain vaginal health, and that's important too.

Dental dams - not everyone has seen one. Go to the sex shop and pick up a pack and get comfy. They are like rubbery-non ripping fruit roll ups. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes and they can add a yummy and FRAGRANT twist to your downtown experience. When you're monogamous and live with your partner like Jay and me, they can just add a little flavor to the evening - literally. You can even enhance the experience a little further by slathering up your partner with flavored lube, top the lube with dental dam and then lube up your side so you can have a tasty treat as well. The effect is magnificent. She feels like she's really getting your bare tongue because of the wetness of the lube against the dam - and your tongue is rubbing and undulating against the other side, giving her vajayjay the massage of a lifetime. For you, you get the taste of your choice of flavors, the feel of warmth against the dam and the sounds and squirms of her immense pleasure!

Every once in a while, we will need to get our hands (and eyes) a little dirty in this blog. Being gay is NOT all about sex, but hell, we have sex lives and as a blog community, we have to look out for our sisters in the bedroom. So often, we talk to our hetero sisters about safe sex and we tell them all the dirt on how to keep themselves safe without remembering to look out for ourselves.

Just remember - strap on / strap up. When you're go down, fill the dam, don't break it!

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